We use the Nelsonite national epoxy product for all our plaster restoration projects.

Q: What alternatives do I have for refinishing my pool?
A: Two common alternatives are re-plastering and coating. One common procedure for plaster-finished pools is to replace the old plaster with a fresh coat of plaster. (In many parts of the country, plaster is called marcite. Both are the same thing-white pool cement and aggregate). However, because plaster is a porous surface, the longevity of the surface depends in large part upon how carefully the water chemistry in the pool is maintained. Improper water balance can drastically shorten the life of a plaster-finished pool. Over time, all plaster-finished pools develop stains and tiny cracks, and can become rough to the touch. The deterioration of the surface is accelerated by the practice of acid washing the pool to remove stains. A pool coating is the most cost-effective way to refinish your pool if your plaster is sound but has become stained and rough to the touch.

Q: Why coat my pool?
A: The main reasons are: Economy. Coating eliminates the need for costly re-plastering. Coating the pool periodically protects the plaster and eliminates the need for replacing it.
Beauty. A coated pool looks clean and inviting. Ease of Maintenance. The smooth finish of a coated pool allows it to be kept clean easily. The pores and cracks are sealed. Stains and dirt clean off easily. Also, because the surface is sealed, fewer chemicals are used.

Q: How long will a pool coating last?
A: The service life of the pool coating depends upon:
(a) Which pool coating is selected. (See Nelsonite Products list)
(b) The care with which the pool water chemistry is maintained.
(c) Geographical area. Pool coatings applied to pools in a moderate climate have a longer service life than those applied to pools, which experience a severe winter.

Q: Can I coat my spa with a Nelsonite coating?
A: Spas require the durability and toughness of a solvent base epoxy coating. Only Poolpoxy II or Poolpoxy Hi-Bild is recommended for spas. Also, only plaster or fiberglass spas can be coated-acrylic spas cannot be coated with a Nelsonite coating.

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